Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Contribution from Traffic Cop (TC).

Date: Monday, 25th September, 2006
Time: 1641 hours
Place: Armenien Street
Infringement: Parking on double yellow line

TC suggested having a website with all the "fishes that the traffic wardens missed", he's sure the authorities would be interested in the information shown there. He was told in Germany, the authorities allow individuals to "issue tickets", and the informant gets a small token of reward for making the report. Perhaps we can introduce that concept into Singapore. Then fewer motorists will try to be funny.

TC also suggested I modify my blog by taking out those entries that are related to "skills" for example SFJ8949L, SGG9527T, etc.

TC added letting the other blog Parking Idiots (PI) take care of those skill-related ones since they tend to be in the grey area, and some reader may think the owner and contributor of the blog are too petty.

TC thinks i can be more credible if i only focus on serious parking problem.

I shall seriously consider his suggestions. My only misgiving is people parking on double yellow lines are already on the radar screens of parking wardens who don't really look out for people who park improperly inside carparks, causing inconvenience to other motorists.

Alas, my blog title is "Please Park Properly". It's not "Please Park Legally".

If people park illegally without blocking other motorists, then it's not really the business of people who are not parking wardens, heh?

If non-parking wardens are allowed to issue summons to illegally-parked cars, wouldn't they be snatching away the rice-bowls of legally-appointed parking wardens?


At Saturday, November 25, 2006 3:24:00 PM, Blogger SUBUTEX said...

Hi PP,
Allow me to comment.

iI disagree on TC's suggestion of having only "Illegal Parking" on this blog, leaving other "Incovenience cases" out.

We need to teach the parking idiots a lesson. The TP or parking wardens will take care of fines for double yellow lines parking issue, but they do not fine if the car is parked out of the lot inconveniencing others. so please continue to have those idiotic car shot here.


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