Friday, July 27, 2007


Date: 5 months up till Sunday, 17th June,2007
Time: Average of two hours
Frequency: 3 times a week
Place: Passenger pick-up point in front of Block 88, Telok Blangah Heights
Contributor: Mrcs
Mrcs: He visits his girlfriend who stays at Block 88 and they frequently make out in the car. Sometimes, he would blast his car audio system and sit on the bench in the void deck of Block 88. His behaviour is an inconvenience to people who need to drop off the elderly and children at the pick-up point. This is even worse on rainy days because more people need to use the shelter. I had called the HDB Illegal Parking Hotline to complain about the driver, but that has not deterred the driver from continuing to park there.


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