Thursday, August 02, 2007


Date: Tuesday, 31st July, 2007
Time: 1830 hours
Place: Park Mall
Contributor: WM
WM: There was another car that was parked in the same manner, but I only managed to take a photo of this one. The fact that the irresponsible driver took up two parking spaces meant that I had no choice but to find an alternative spot to park my car, which meant that others were also inconvenienced. Even though the carpark was not full, it is still irresponsible for the Lexus driver to take up two parking spaces like that!


At Monday, August 20, 2007 11:00:00 AM, Blogger DL said...

aiyah---- this guy is a pilot-- they parklike that wan,,, some drive like that, too... boh-pian
Pilots mah



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