Wednesday, April 30, 2008

172. SBG8291M

Date: Saturday, 26th April, 2008
Time: 1900 hours plus
Place: Shaw Centre multi-storey car park
Contributor: LB
LB: Spotted this Mercedes on 26th April 2008 at Shaw Centre's multi-storey carpark around 7plus. Argh bloody inconsiderate! Post it up for all to see, thanks!!!


At Wednesday, April 30, 2008 2:34:00 PM, Anonymous TL said...

I snapped another vehicle parked like that in Shaw Center recently... Too busy to download the pics to be sent here... The carpark is almost full and there are many vehicles still coming in and it is sickening to see such parking...

However, on the other hand, I also understand that bigger cars like this one might find it very difficult to park properly at Shaw Center... The lots are just too small... Oh well...

At Wednesday, May 07, 2008 1:17:00 PM, Anonymous Toyota Vanguard said...

To TL: Indeed, it is harder to park big, long cars inside crammed car parks like Shaw Center. Parking in the center of a lot next to a wall or pillar usually means either the driver or passenger can't exit or enter the car.


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