Thursday, January 29, 2009

190. SGM2521Z

Place : 108A McNair Road Multi-Storey Car Park
Date : 19th October 2008
Time : 02:19am
Date : 20th November 2008
Time : 12:43am
Contributor : UJ18
UJ18: This person had parked at the carpark lot located behind blk 19 Ghim Moh Road. I have always been enduring this kind of inconsiderate driver(s), but I guess today is the time to do my duty as a Ghim Moh Resident!

First of all, not only this person parked on the lot that painted with "NO PARKING" sign, then he/she DO NOT HAVE the decency even to park the car properly.

The person next to the car is another victim like me who had to make a big round to walk pass the car because of his/her driving skills and inconsiderate actions.

Though he/she is not the first person who is inconsiderate but he/she must be the


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