Thursday, August 23, 2007


Date: Sunday, 22nd July, 2007
Time: Around 1820 hours to 1850 hours
Place: Pedestrian pavement opposite coffeeshop at Block 684, Hougang Avenue 8
Contributor: CC
CC: Saw this idiot joker parked on the pavement while on the way to the coffeeshop. He left his kids and wife in the car with engine running, and had the cheek to go buy food and stuff for his family ignoring the people who were staring at his car. I was pissed off as there were a lot of kids in that area who make use of the pavement. When I started taking my phone to take the photos, the man's wife rushed out of the car to stop me from doing so. Hence this is the only photo that shows the car plate I managed to take before she reached me. I will leave it to your imagination on what almost happened when he reversed his car.

PP: Did this white Lexus driver try to run you down while reversing his car?


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