Monday, August 06, 2007


Date: Everyday
Time: 0930 hours to 1000 hours, evening, at night
Place: Passenger drop off point in front of Block 74, Whampoa Drive
Contributor: CK
CK: The owner of this yellow Honda Jazz seemed to have made the drop off zone his own personal parking space. Sometimes the owner would park his car on the main road itself, just opposite Whampoa Community Centre. This causes inconvenience to other drivers who have to go around the car on a road which is already narrowed by the authorities building road dividers on that stretch of road a few months back. There is a car park behind the block so why can't the driver park the car there if the he is going to be away for an extended period of time? I've gone to the NPP which is less than 200 metres away to make a report before but it seems that the police is unable to catch him in the act or the driver just simply ignored whatever summons he might have received before. They also did not help that whenever the car is parked illegally! Also, when I am there in the mornings, the NPP is still not opened.


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