Tuesday, October 23, 2007

143. GQ1715S

Date: Monday, 21st October, 2007
Time: From 1600 hours to 1640 hours
Place: Block 539 Serangoon North Avenue 5
Contributor: CC
CC: A picture speaks a thousand words. Need I say more on this idiot? Everyone was waiting for a lot on a Sunday afternoon to go buy stuff from Sheng Siong Supermarket and yet this idiot could park in the very middle of 2 lots. Was he blind?


At Tuesday, December 18, 2007 4:59:00 AM, Blogger SUBUTEX 2 said...

Purely inconsiderate person.
Driver may need raised tiles for the parking lines, as blinds need to “FEEL” their way on the floor.

Such people should be living in caves, as they can park anywhere and in any way they want.

At Tuesday, December 18, 2007 11:26:00 AM, Anonymous Honda Fit said...

To Subutex 2: Raised tiles may not be high enough to prevent this driver from parking his lorry improperly as his lorry has a rather high ground clearance. Only walls and pillars can force such a driver to park properly.

Park in caves? Ha, ha, ha...! :D That's a good one! :D

At Sunday, December 23, 2007 4:20:00 AM, Blogger SUBUTEX 2 said...

dear honda fit,
good suggestion on walls and pillars. The best "walls and pillars" suiting this driver is Changi jail!!!

he/she will get free security, free food, board & lodging too and all expenses paid free trip to walk every inch of the facility. now who says "Nothing is free".!!

As a matter of record, i've not been there and would not want to be there.

on the caves thing, there are not many in singapore left, so they go for high rise and end up in HDB estates.
its an evolution that we cannot stop, but we can shape them to be better!!.
Now, give what i said a deep thought.


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