Wednesday, January 09, 2008

151. SGR6457Z

Date: Tuesday, 08th January, 2008
Time: 0800 hours and 2354 hours
Location: No.1 Holt Road, The Horizon condo
Contributor: LMW
LMW: This driver is forever! Everyday just taking up 2 lots! This driver FOREVER could just not park his/her car properly. I am starting to wonder if he/she pays for 1 lot or 2 lots?
PP: This new fat Camry (made in Thailand) from Borneo Motors is better-looking than the one made in Japan, offered by parallel importers. I guess the driver might want to leave a gap between the Camry and the pillar on the left. He or she could have overcome this problem by parking on the right lot instead of the left lot. This Camry is fat, but not that fat. So still no excuse for exceeding one parking lot.


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