Thursday, August 31, 2006


Submitted by chewinggum. Photo taken on the morning of Wednesday, 30th August, 2006 along East Coast Road opposite Chin Mei Chin confectionery. Honda City driver parked on double yellow lines and immediately after pedestrian crossing.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Ryan submitted these 2 picutures of a Honda Odyssey parked right in between 2 rows of bike parking lots. Totally blocking the bikes from leaving their lots.

Nevermind the pictures being a tad unclear caused by backlighting. The 2 big red words "NO PARKING" were clearly painted on the road surface. Yet the driver of this Odyssey had the audacity to park there. Not sure if it's for a short while or the whole night though.

This incident happened right in front of a coffeeshop at Block 232, Ang Mo Kio Street 22, on Friday, 25th August, 2006, at about 2030 hours.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Caught on Thursday, 17th August, 2006 at 2000 hours at Block 105 Edgefield Plains, Deck 2B.

Driver of the white Ford Mondeo parked off the center of its lot and onto the white lines on the left. Driver probably parked like that because he or she wanted to put some extra gap between the Mondeo and the wall on the right. Therein lies the design flaws of these HDB multi-storey carparks. We always have difficulties getting out of the car if we park too close to the walls. So we have no choice but to widen the gap between the car and the wall to facilitate ease of exiting and entering the car.

The lorry on the left seemed to have no choice as well, but to park off the center of its lot to perhaps prevent denting the driver's side of the Mondeo, with the lorry's door on its passenger side.

Come to think of it, the lorry driver appeared to be the considerate one. Lorry and van drivers are typically stereotyped as those who can't be bothered to park properly since their vehicles are primarily meant for delivering goods and not for looking good. A van driver whose van gets dented on the side by an opening door, would not feel as much pain as a car driver. Afterall, the van could well belong to driver's company and not the driver himself.


Many thanks to HG who calls himself Parking Warden who caught this blue Peugeot 407.

Date: Sunday, 20th August, 2006

Time: 1455 hours

Place: Roxy Square 2, 4th floor carpark

Editor's note: Driver obviously didn't bother to park properly since there seemed to be many other empty lots around. If a lorry or van came and parked close beside it, chances of it getting a dent on its door would be high.


Thanks to JT who submitted these 2 photos. Caught on Sunday, 30th July, 2006 at the National Library's basement carpark.
Notice the lot is so big but the blue Kia Picanto's driver still failed to park properly. Even got his or her front wheels in the front lot some more!

Editor's note: Not sure if there was another vehicle behind the blue Kia Picanto which had left the picture, though. Looks a tad like the driver might have had difficulties with parallel parking. Even though it's a short little car. Perhaps the driver was short and couldn't see behind clearly. Perhaps the Picanto didn't have reverse sensors.

Sidenote: JT reminds me of Captain James T. Kirk from the 1st original Star Trek TV series. Captain James T. Kirk, which was acted by William Shatner, was allegedly the least popular character, according to true blue Star Trek fans.

001. SCW6682K

Contributed by No Driving Qualification (NCD) on Thursday, 06th July, 2006 at 1743 hours. NCD's e-mail was entitled "Here - One More ID... For Posterity".

NCD said this guy pertpetually parks like that in this lot despite appeal to be considerate. Pics taken in condo along Ulu Pandan.