Wednesday, April 30, 2008

173. SFK1518M

Date: Saturday, 26th April, 2008
Time: 1827hrs
Place: Blk 402, Hougang Ave 10
Contributor: JK
JK: This kind of parking idiot needs to be punished and put to shame. I had to let my friend in the back seat alight first before I could park properly in the slot next to this idiot's Sunny.

172. SBG8291M

Date: Saturday, 26th April, 2008
Time: 1900 hours plus
Place: Shaw Centre multi-storey car park
Contributor: LB
LB: Spotted this Mercedes on 26th April 2008 at Shaw Centre's multi-storey carpark around 7plus. Argh bloody inconsiderate! Post it up for all to see, thanks!!!

171. SGE4898R

Date: Wednesday, 23rd April, 2008
Time: 0945 hrs to 1015 hrs
Place: A car park located in a science park in the western part of Singapore
Contributor: MS

MS: This is a very popular car park in the said science park. As the tenant companies in this area are involved in hi-tech businesses, the people working here should be, accordingly, well-educated and expected to be considerate. Unfortunately, this story is going to prove the aforesaid assumption wrong.

A vehicle was discovered parking in between two lots. There were many other vehicles came and tried to squeeze in but cannot. The building management was informed. The officers came and traced the vehicle to a season parking holder working in a nearby tenant company. The driver came and shifted the car. However, the driver offer no apology to either the angry driver waiting for the lot, nor the officers of the building management who were just standing by. After the car was shifted, the driver left. One of the officers was heard talking on the phone to his office to report back...and he described the driver's reaction to his colleague in office - "bin chao chao" (having a dark face, showing extreme displeasure).

What do you all think of this driver?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

170. SGA555Z

Date: Thursday, 15th April, 2008
Time: 1045 hours
Place: Capital Tower Car park
Contributor: K
K: This long Toyota Estima was parked in a way which was eating up common space for other vehicles to manoeuvre outside the parking lots.

Monday, April 14, 2008

169. SFE5227H

Date: Sunday, 13th April, 2008
Time: 0815 hours
Place: Pasir Ris Park car park C
Contributor: B
B: Saw this car SFE5227H on 13 April ard 8.15 am at Car park is not full at that moment but nonetheless still very inconsiderate. Seems like driver just park it in and forget about whether did he park properly or not.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

168. SFD7933U

Date: Wednesday, 05th March 2008
Time: 1345 hours
Place: Chun Tin Road car park opposite Beauty World Plaza
Contributor: lawl
lawl: Parked in the middle of two parking slots. Inconsiderate. Not as if his/her car could not fit into one parking slot. Even if it could not fit there, he/she could find other parking slots at other carpark which has bigger space for him/her to park.
3rd picture shows very clearly after his/her car left when i came back at 14:20, was taking up 2 parking slots

167. GR6424T

Date: Wednesday, 02nd April, 2008
Place: NTU Hall 2 bus stop canteen car park
Contributor: SJ

166. SFU7711D

Date: Tuesday, 01st April 2008
Time taken: 0800 hrs
Place: Potong Pasir Apt Block 141
Contributor: Old-man-walking
Old-man-walking: SFU7711D has been parking over the 4 motorcycle parking lot for many days already (overnight). Sacrificing 4 parking lots for his own convenience.

165. SCY3268H

Date: Thursday, 27th March, 2008
Time: 0930 hours
Place: Capital Tower Car park
Contributor: K
K: The way this car parked caused the parking lots on its right side to be 'unusable' as it 'eats' into the other lot.