Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Car: Blue Toyota Wish
Date: Friday, 2nd February, 2007
Time: 1513 hours - about 1700 hours
Place: Car park in front of Block 535 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
Contributor: GY
GY: Driver of blue Toyota Wish parked in lot meant for disabled people for around 2 hours.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Date: Thursday, 22rd Feb, 2007
Time: 2200 hours
Place: Block 112C multi-storey car park, Depot Road
Contributor: Pat
Pat: The first three levels of this car park are usually full after 9pm plus but this selfish driver parked on 2 lots. We understand it might be difficult to get out from the car because of the pillar if he/she parked on lot 105. If that's so, he or she could have parked in lot 106 instead. I stared at the white Mitsubishi Grandis, wondering why anyone could be so selfish and insolent, and if we should be glad that this someone seemed happier by being inconsiderate towards others.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Date: Tuesday, 23rd January, 2007
Time: 1501 hours
Place: Jalan Besar (Car Park behind unit number 389)
Contributor: TB


Date: Wednesday, 14th February, 2007
Time: 2011 hours
Place: Bishan Junction 8 Car Park
Contributor: TB

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Date: Tuesday, 20th February, 2007
Time: 0915 hours - 0945 hours
Place: Singapore Botanic Garden, Visitors' Centre
RL: A big, new Toyota Camry parked at a disabled lot absolutely spoilt my outing today. I am a wheelchair-bound driver. Because of this car SGP5763G occupying the lot for the disabled, I had to park at a normal-sized lot & had my car and the poor car next to mine scratched (while getting my wheelchair in & out of the car). By the way, the car SGP5763G did not have any label signifying the driver or the passenger was a disabled.

If only I could park beside car SGP5763G, and have both his/her AND mine car
scratched by my wheelchair or better still, if only divine intervention would
make the driver a new member of the wheelchair users!

NPARKS should do something to enforce the proper use of car park lots meant for the handicapped. A letter should be sent to the owner of car SGP5763G.

Mockingbird: A case like this should have been brought to the attention of the staff manning the park right there and then so they could wheel-lock the car. Alternatively, a call could have been made to URA so they could assign a warden to issue the car a summon.


Date: Tuesday, 26th December, 2006
Time: 1700 hours
Place: Labrador Park car park
Contributor: Sunny
Sunny: This place is usually crowded on weekends and the driver of this silver Mazda 5 chose to park on 2 lots (notice the faded white lines).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Date: Sunday, 11th February, 2007
Time: 1900 hours
Place: Block 257 multi-storey car park, Compassvale Road


Date: Sunday, 11th February, 2007
Time: 1554 hours
Place: Block 710 Hougang Avenue 2 car park
Contributor: TEU
TEU: The driver of SFY406K really needs to drive more frequently. The driver of SDY2657K had no choice but still I suggest he better not park next to a "Giant" like this in future.


Place: Liang Seah Street
Date: Friday, 09th February, 2007
Time: 1033 hours
Contributor: TEU
TEU: The driver of this red Subaru Impreza was thinking his car is related to the some of our new POLICE patrol unit. The way he parked his car had actually caused other drivers to slow down to avoid kissing his butt.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Date: Sunday, 04th February, 2007
Time: 0815 hours
Place: Basement Car Park Washing Bay, The Florida Condo, Hougang Ave 7
Contributor: djXpire
djXpire: There should be ample parking lots in the condo, but the owner must be lazy to walk or travel a further distance from his block. So, he parked at the car washing bay with a huge sign which stated: CAR WASHING BAY NO PARKING.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Date: Monday, 16th October, 2006
Place: Multi-Storey car park at Blocks 609 & 611 Bukit Panjang Ring Road
Contributor: Ah Pui
Ah Pui: The driver of this Nissan was so inconsiderate to have parked his /her
Nissan Sunny this way.


Date: Friday, 06th November, 2006
Place: Bukit Panjang Plaza B1.
Contributor: Ah Pui
Ah Pui: The driver of this black Honda Civic had mistaken his car for a MINI. The car
behind, was jutting out of the lot due to his action.