Friday, August 31, 2007


Date: Monday, 27th August, 2007
Time: 1804 hours
Place: Raffles City Shopping Center Level B3 car park Lot 716
Contributor: Citizen on Duty (COD)
COD: This car needs a new reverse sensor or driver, or both.
PP: The driver shouldn't have reversed the Chrysler Voyager so much since it is such a bloody long car.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Date: Sunday, 26th August, 2007
Time: 1740 hours
Place: Takashimaya Shopping Center Level 6 car park
Contributor: Annyms Ch (AC)
AC: There were plenty of car park lots around. I hope the driver sees this website and be more considerate in the future. Parking on double zig-zag yellow lines causes inconvenience to others. Hopefully this is not some rich driver who doesn't care about others, but you never know.

PP: Chances are it was some rich bugger who could not care the least about others.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Date: Saturday, 24th August 2007
Time: 2217 hours
Place: VivoCity, Level B1 Carpark
Contributor: Parking Attendant (PA)
Entry to VivoCity Carpark in the day: S$1.07 per hour
Entry to VivoCity Carpark in the evening: S$2.14 per entry
Parking in an "invisible" parking lot: PRICELESS


Date: Saturday, 21th August 2007
Time: 1700 hours
Place: VivoCity, Level B1 car park
Contributor: Parking Attendant (PA)
Entry to VivoCity Carpark in the day: S$1.07 per hour
Entry to VivoCity Carpark in the evening: S$2.14 per entry
Seeing how this vehicle can park in this manner: PRICELESS

Friday, August 24, 2007


Date: Saturday, 15th August 2007
Time: 2048 hours
Place: Parkway Parade Shopping Centre, Level 4 Carpark
Contributor: Parking Attendant (PA)
PA: This vehicle was spotted parking in a "self-created" lot for herself. The red-white pole was fitted to prevent vehicles from parking into the Yellow Striped Zone, but she still managed to squeezed into the area.

PP: The space between the pole and the wall is still pretty wide. If Parkway Parade's management is serious about not letting anyone park their vehicle there, they should erect at least 1 or 2 more poles to prevent vehicles from squeezing in between the pole and the wall and park on the area not meant for parking.


Date: Saturday, 17th August 2007
Time: 1810 hours
Place: Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre, Level 2 Carpark
Contributor: Parking Attendant (PA)
PA: This vehicle was spotted parking in a "invisible lot", over a "NO PARKING" area. Love to slap a "Parking Idiot" tag on his windscreen or see his wheel get clamped.
** This is the exact spot used previously by SFB2372G.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Date: Wednesday, 22nd August, 2007
Time: 1738 hous
Place: Kaki Bukit TechLink carpark
Contributor: AC
AC: The parking lot is big! But hey, obviously not big enough for this BMW driver. He/she had to take 2 parking lots. Why? I guess only the drive can answer that. I didn't see any handicap label in the car. Maybe LTA should consider issuing parking handicap label to these drivers.


Date: Sunday, 22nd July, 2007
Time: Around 1820 hours to 1850 hours
Place: Pedestrian pavement opposite coffeeshop at Block 684, Hougang Avenue 8
Contributor: CC
CC: Saw this idiot joker parked on the pavement while on the way to the coffeeshop. He left his kids and wife in the car with engine running, and had the cheek to go buy food and stuff for his family ignoring the people who were staring at his car. I was pissed off as there were a lot of kids in that area who make use of the pavement. When I started taking my phone to take the photos, the man's wife rushed out of the car to stop me from doing so. Hence this is the only photo that shows the car plate I managed to take before she reached me. I will leave it to your imagination on what almost happened when he reversed his car.

PP: Did this white Lexus driver try to run you down while reversing his car?


Date: Sunday, 19th August, 2007
Time: 0900 hours
Place: Old Airport Road hawker center
Contributor: AC
AC: Maybe this is a fast car. But so what? The driver is not considerate at all.

SFL4978T & SGV5043U

Date: Sunday, 19th August, 2007
Time: 0900 hours
Place: Old Airoprt Road
Contributor: AC
AC: Look at these drivers! Park on double yellow zig-zag lines and still have the cheek to stand next to their cars. Don't they know they are not allowed even to stop there? Where are the TP?

PP: Of course they have to stand beside their cars to keep a lookout for the parking warden so they can drive their cars away once they spot a parking warden coming their way.


Date: Monday, 20th August, 2007
Time: 1300 hours
Place: Cote d'Azur condo
Contributor: JC
JC: This owner is green - he cares about the environment - and drives a Lexus 400h. However he does not care about how he parks!

PP: Driving an Lexus RX400h doesn't necessarily mean the driver is green. The owner probably bought it because he could afford it. With a purchase like this, he gets to live with a car that is quieter and consumes less petrol.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Date: Tuesday, 07th August, 2007
Time: 1330 hours
Place: Deck B3, Block 613A multi-storey car park, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4
Contributor: Shaun
Shaun: What actually gives him the right to park his car on the motorcycle lots? I came home in the wee hours of the morning and had to go all the way up to the top floor of the carpark to park my vehicle. Yet this person can be so inconsiderate as to actually park his car on the motorcyle lots. Had he bought a special season parking ticket or does he own the car park? I hope action is taken against him. If not, the authorities should not summon us if we are to park like this in the future, and soon motorcyclists will have no parking spaces left!


Date: Thursday, 16th August, 2007
Time: 2130 hours
Place: Driveway at Block 50, 51 Strathmore Avenue
Contributor: Eddy
Eddy: It's bad enough to be parking illegally at the driveway, but this driver really takes the cake. He parked at this mini roundabout which allows vehicles to turn out of the driveway and completely blocked off all traffic. I was driving to drop off my friend and gave the car a few blasts of my horn because I thought nobody could be inconsiderate enough to park there and prevent vehicles from passing through. But upon closer inspection, there was really nobody in the car! A good number of drivers had to manoeuvre their cars out of each others' way to get out of the driveway by reversing all the way. I actually stood by the vehicle for a good 10 minutes to see who this goondu driver was but never got to see his face.


Date: Wednesday, 08th August, 2007
Time: 2203 hours
Place: Changi Airport Terminal 2 Arrival pick up point
Contributor: JS
JS: No driver in this Merc for more than 10 minutes. Policemen went pass twice and didn't issue ticket. Makes me wonder if the police only fine poor people and let rich people get away without any punishment.


Date: Monday, 30th June, 2007
Time: 1305 hours
Place: Between Tampines MRT station and Tampines Mall
Contributor: JS
JS: This truck driver ignored all the traffic and parked by the road side for unloading. The company should be fined for this irresponsible act.


Date: Thursday, 09th August, 2007
Time: 1945 hours
Place: Clarke Quay (next to Ministry of Sound) Car Park
Contributor: JY
JY: Don't drive such a big car if you can't manage!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Date: Saturday, 11th August 2007
Time: 1315 hours
Place: Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre, Level 2 Carpark
Contributor: Parking Attendant (PA)
PA: This vehicle was spotted parking in a "invisible lot", so near a No Parking sign. Love to slap a "Parking Idiot" tag on his windscreen or see his wheel get clamped.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Date: Saturday, 04th August, 2007
Time: 1100 hours
Place: Car park at Bukit Merah View hawker centre
Contributor: LMY
LMY: I wonder if the car driver knew that he was overlapping into another lot or he just didn’t care.


Date: Everyday
Time: 0930 hours to 1000 hours, evening, at night
Place: Passenger drop off point in front of Block 74, Whampoa Drive
Contributor: CK
CK: The owner of this yellow Honda Jazz seemed to have made the drop off zone his own personal parking space. Sometimes the owner would park his car on the main road itself, just opposite Whampoa Community Centre. This causes inconvenience to other drivers who have to go around the car on a road which is already narrowed by the authorities building road dividers on that stretch of road a few months back. There is a car park behind the block so why can't the driver park the car there if the he is going to be away for an extended period of time? I've gone to the NPP which is less than 200 metres away to make a report before but it seems that the police is unable to catch him in the act or the driver just simply ignored whatever summons he might have received before. They also did not help that whenever the car is parked illegally! Also, when I am there in the mornings, the NPP is still not opened.


Date: Friday, 03rd August, 2007
Time: 1120 hours
Place: Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 car park
Contributor: Terence
Terence: I was at the void deck of the HDB Block waiting for a friend to fetch me, when I witnessed this vehicle pulling into the lot. At first, I thought that he would park his vehicle properly. But he just got out of his pick-up, 'admired' the way he parked the vehicle. He wWalked off with his lady passenger to a nearby coffeeshop and they were still laughing and pointing at the way his vehicle was parked.


Date: Thursday, 02nd August, 2007
Time: 1400 hours
Place: Holland Village
Contributor: CL
CL: The car was blatantly parked in the section clearly marked for motorcycles! Even though lunchtime parking can be very crowded, this type of inconsiderate behaviour should not be tolerated.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

SGM6440Y & SDM735Y

Date: Tuesday, 31st July, 2007
Time: 2200 hours
Place: Block 185 Rivervale Crescent, multi-storey car park
Contributor: Ansn
Ansn: I suspect that these two car owners might be friends or relatives as I have seen them parking like this at the exact same parking lots before. They parked their two cars over three parking lots. They should park properly!


Date: Tuesday, 31st July, 2007
Time: 1830 hours
Place: Park Mall
Contributor: WM
WM: There was another car that was parked in the same manner, but I only managed to take a photo of this one. The fact that the irresponsible driver took up two parking spaces meant that I had no choice but to find an alternative spot to park my car, which meant that others were also inconvenienced. Even though the carpark was not full, it is still irresponsible for the Lexus driver to take up two parking spaces like that!