Tuesday, October 23, 2007

143. GQ1715S

Date: Monday, 21st October, 2007
Time: From 1600 hours to 1640 hours
Place: Block 539 Serangoon North Avenue 5
Contributor: CC
CC: A picture speaks a thousand words. Need I say more on this idiot? Everyone was waiting for a lot on a Sunday afternoon to go buy stuff from Sheng Siong Supermarket and yet this idiot could park in the very middle of 2 lots. Was he blind?

142. SFM5093J

Date: Thursday, 18th October, 2007
Time: 2230 hours
Place: Signature Park condo car park
Contributor: Anon
Anon: Small car driver that cannot park properly. Get a smaller car! See the rear left wheel, it is just next to the cement at the next lot, meaning 1 feet into the other's lot.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

141. SDK9560K

Date: Sunday, 14th October, 2007
Time: 1300 hours
Place: Siglap Centre basement car park
Contributor: Annyms Ch
Annyms Ch: My advice to this driver is if you can't do parallel parking, you can always do a reverse or head-in parking. Plenty of empty lots in the car park.

140. EF1881B

Date: Saturday, 06th October, 2007
Time: 1400 hours
Place: Parkway Parade Level 7 car park
Contributor: Annyms Ch
Annyms Ch: Same car again. Just couldn't park it right!

Monday, October 08, 2007

139. GU2266T

Date & Time: Friday, 05th, October 07 evening until 6th Oct 07 Afternoon
Place: HG 65 car park at Hougang Street 61
Contributor: CC
CC: I saw this van parking at a carpark in Hougang Street 61. This inconsiderate driver didn't bother to adjust his/her vehicle when he/she knew it was very out of position. His/her inconsiderate act caused a subsequent driver who parked on his/her right to park out of position as well. Causing an eyesore where outsiders might think people in this neighborhood have no sense of what is straight and what’s not. He/she actually even had the cheek to park from the evening of Friday, 05th October 2007 untill the afternoon of 06th October 2007.
PP: From the picture below, it looked like a borderline case. Nonetheless, such improper parking can still cause inconvenience to anyone who parks properly and straight beside this Renault Kangoo. If the inconvenienced driver had reverse-parked right beside this Kangoo, he might have opened his rear left door hard and put a dent on this Kangoo.

Friday, October 05, 2007

138. SDZ8362T

Date: Thursday, 04th October, 2007
Time: 1630 hours
Place: HDB car park at HDB hub, Toa Payoh.
Contributor: WC
WC: Was first annoyed by the Merc next to me parking near the line but at least he was completely within his parking spot. When I returned I noticed Baboon #2's car, thought he was waiting for a spot nearby. No problem, since I parked right in front of him. But apparently Baboon #2 blocked another driver leaving his lot ('Unlucky Driver 1') who horned at the baboon but was ignored. Somehow he managed to drive out of his spot. Magic.

Then I noticed this Baboon #1's car, illegally parked in front of mine, and it was impossible for me to leave my spot by turning left (maybe move forth and back 50 times each time may make it possible). So the only solution was for me to go against the traffic's direction (after careful checks there is no traffic coming) then reverse to another on-coming traffic lane and leave. Now Baboon #2 was right next to me but due to proximity, I cannot reverse and turn at the same time. After 30 seconds of gesturing to him, he finally realised he was blocking the world and reversed half a meter to let me complete my turn and leave the carpark.

I didn't dare to take pic or look at baboon#2 registration plate for obvious reasons.

Bad parking, bad waiting.

137. SFU9362P & SFB9091X

Date: Tuesday, 02nd October, 2007
Time: 2115 hours
Place: Multi Storey Car park at Blk 762A, Jurong West St75, next to Gek Poh Shopping Center.
Contributor: TL
TL: The drivers are shameless, parking at the handicapped lots...

Monday, October 01, 2007

136. SBN6614S

Date: Sunday, 30th September, 2007
Time: 2300 hours
Place: Signature park condo
Contributor: Anonymous
Anonymous: Apparently people find it harder to park when there are no cars around for reference.
PP: A classic borderline case as the Merc is only marginally parked off its own lot. Only a bit, and not outright, improperly parked.