Monday, February 18, 2008

161. GQ2082C

Date: Tuesday, 16th February, 2008
Time: 1128 hours
Place: 631, Balestier Road
Contributor: Tommie
Tommie: The parking lot is meant for handicapped drivers. I decided to make a call to HDB to fine the driver. Please be considerate!

160. SGE6320C

Date: Tuesday, 12th February, 2008
Time: 2010 hours
Location: Blk 533A, CCK St 51, Limbang Wet-Market Car park, 3rd storey
Contributor: CG
CG: Car park was very much occupied that day. Shocked to see such inconsiderate driver, parked his/her car on 2 lots! That car is not that BIG to have to park on 2 lots! Really some rich idiot!

159. SFA4884M

Car Model: MERCEDES BENZ - C200 ML
Date: Wednesday, 13th February, 2008
Time: 2200 hours
Place: Blk 39, Jalan Tiga (Beside Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre)
Contributor: Tommie
Tommie: The car was parked in lot meant for disabled drivers. Therefore, I made the call to HDB to fine the driver. Because of the huge crowd to Old Airport Rd Hawker Center, illegal parking at disabled lots are very frequent here. There are plenty of parking lots at the Multi-storey car park and open-air car park nearby the hawker centre. So please be considerate!

Friday, February 08, 2008

158. SFS5099L

Date: Tuesday, 05th February, 2008
Time: 2315 hours
Place: Block 101 Lengkong Tiga
Contributor: HF