Monday, December 15, 2008

188. SGP3037H

Date: ?
Time: ?
Place: ?
Contributor: R
R: Dear Parking Idiots forum
Got to know of this blog. Just want to post this picture of a inconsiderate driver often parking his car across another car park. Caught him doing it a couple of times and he didn't even bother apologizing and walked away with his car across two carparks.

187. SGC3056X

Veh No : SGC 3056X
Contributor : Victim
Description : I believe that this irresponsible car owner has been parking his car in the motor-cycle lots everyday. They were many car park lot but very few motor-cycle lots, yet the driver still so inconsiderate.

These are the date and time of illegal parking
Place : 108A McNair Road Multi-Storey Car Park
Date : 19th October 2008
Time : 02:19am

Place : 108A McNair Road Multi-Storey Car Park
Date : 20th November 2008
Time : 12:43am

186. SGS659S

Date: Friday, 31st Oct, 2008
Time: 0830 hours
Place: Car park at Capital Towers
Contributor: K
K: This joker parked overshot to the handicapped lot, if in the event there is a handicapped person parking head in like him, there will not be enough space for the handicapped person to come out from his or her car.

185. SGE6020T

Date: Wednesday, 12th November, 2008
Time: 1000 hours
Place: The Multi Storey Car park in NTU which is nearest to the Admin Cluster
Contributor: LK
LK: This very inconsiderate driver simply parked over the line and the other lot was already at the extreme end of the car park. So I had to squeeze myself into that lot. He/She shouldn’t be depriving other cars of lots, especially when parking lots can be scarce in NTU.

184. SJA4209R

Date: 19th October 2008
Time: 0219 hours
Place: 108A McNair Road Multi-Storey Car Park
Contributor: Victim
Victim: This irresponsible driver parked his car in the motor-cycle lots. There were many car park lots but very few lots for motor-cycles, yet the driver still so inconsiderate.