Thursday, June 19, 2008

177. GY5316S

Date: Wednesday, 04th June, 2008
Time: Daytime
Contributor: MS
Company of offending vehicle: Thomson Catering
MS: On 4 Jun 2008, I come across a young male driver of this white van GY5316S. I was waiting for him to finish parking in order to get into the lot behind his van. When I saw that his van had came into the parking lot behind, I asked him to move forward, and he refused. If you are able to post this picture on your website, I shall send an email to his boss so that he could teach the young man a driving lesson.

Monday, June 16, 2008

176. SFN4798K

Date: Monday, 09th June, 2008
Time: 1930 hours
Place: NTU car park A.
Contributor: YHM
YHM: Your Hot Mama

175. SFE 2246Y

Date: Sunday, 01st June, 2008
Time: 2245 hours
Place: Blk 588, Montreal Drive Multi Storey Car Park (Sembawang)
Contributor: From: Strang Er
Strang Er: Kuku, selfish driver. Must be public enemy. Notice that the number plate is scratched.